Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...on Saturday (again;)

One thing
in and of itself
simply that,
but when blended
with complimentary
it becomes
the unexpected


A half-grin
between strangers
is worth more
than a smile
in the dark


Two hands,
Two feet
Two eyes
and lips
with which to smile and pray
Lord, you’ve given me
How will I use them today?


Life hands us opportunity
to go above, beyond
and there its ‘extra-ordinary’ waits
To see how we respond 


Man may categorize
And label us
As this or that
But who we are in God’s eyes
Now this alone is
Where it’s at!


I made a hideout
Shaped of fear
And oh, its cave
Was dark and drear
Courage beckoned
Faith fought fear
And made my hideout


The bloated spew
Of an over-educated ego
Can never trump the tender touch
Of a work-worn hand


It is not the ingredients
But we do with them
That counts!

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Janet how touching! I have learned (and it was hard) to take down my walls. It has been amazingly freeing. Oh and just a simple smile or touch or "hello" can mean so much. Someone complimented my skin yesterday. Said it was dewy and pretty and what did I use. What she did not realize, was that this compliment entered my heart with such love. I have felt a bit down on myself for gaining a bit of weight. Her compliment meant more than she will ever know.

  2. Hi Monica,
    Thank-you:) We as women are so hard on ourselves aren't we? Thank-you for reminding me to take the time to pass on a kind word...we never know how far its touch will ripple. (Those walls for me are an on-going challenge, but I'm trying...I think;)
    love you~

  3. Yum! You are making me hungry with those photos. Who we are in God's that is truly what matters. Happy Saturday to you! :-)

  4. Hi Jen, thank-you and same to you. We are having a happy Saturday baking and watching Olympics. Canada just won a gold and a silver in Women's moguls. Yay!!!


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