Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dawn's Dance-card

Come, oh my love, the sea of night recedes from ether beach
Its smattering of star and half-smile moon caught on its crest
As morning quells blue lullaby and beckons us to reach
To take her hand proffered, drawing us to living’s test

The feather-tree outside our winter-pane is in full-bloom
And I would be inclined to brush away its frigid sheaf
But we cannot haste moments nor their tasted drop exhume
In time, in God’s good time the limb will don spring’s lacy leaf

Come, oh my love, for who can tell what wafts upon the wing
Of silver-gray teasing the fainter shadows from yon sphere
I cannot bear to walk alone life’s sacred suffering
‘Tis easier to dance with your half-sigh against my ear

The willingness of clock caress compels us not to sleep
Already we can see the first-fruits of fair morning fade
‘T’would be a pity love, to miss what we can never keep
By slumbering through wide-flung frames of memories unmade

Someday perhaps when Duty-reins soften their rigid stance
Then you and I will sleep ‘til noon if we are so inclined
But until then, oh, come my love, we dare not miss the chance
To dance upon an hour soon, too soon left far behind…

© Janet Martin

We Write is sharing this video today...ah yes, let's dance to the music God gives us! Let it get caught in our toes and carry us...where? Who knows? Meanwhile, Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee!


  1. So many wonderful lines here! I love -"‘Tis easier to dance with your half-sigh against my ear"…sigh! and this line too - "By slumbering through wide-flung frames of memories unmade" …makes me want to get up and not miss those memories waiting to be made!

  2. Beautiful piece. Love the title too. And that photo is Christmas card worthy!

  3. Robyn, I'm so happy you 'felt it'. That's all I ever want a reader to do:) thank-you for stopping by.

    Jen, we have been WOWED time and again in the past week and it sounds like the opportunity for many more snow-photos are on the way...;-( or :) depending on my mood!

  4. ha! I hear you...I get tired of clouds and rain! But there is beauty in every season for sure. Thanks for sharing your snow, though...we wish we got more of it!

  5. I love rainy days;)you're right, there is beauty in every season! that's why i have four favorite seasons;)

  6. "To live with your half sigh against my ear...."

    And so many others...

    Wow, Janet such beautiful writing and your image is utterly nice to see you @ WWP!



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