Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Talk About Love # 13 Love Came...

Love came to earth, a babe in the manger
Heaven’s perfection put on flesh and blood
In lowly birth and to His own a stranger
Love came to serve us; the Son of God

Love came to free us; despised and rejected
Forsaken by all in death’s hour of grief
His name is Jesus; Love came to save us
And offer salvation for our unbelief

Love spared no comfort; in blood-bought atonement
Perfect love came to become sin for us
Love never fails; prophecy’s fulfillment
Was laid in a manger and nailed to the cross

Love came to earth; and we hid our faces
Yet His perfect love over-came sin’s dark curse
By His stripes we are healed; as His love erases
The debt of our guilt; Love’s name is Jesus

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful. My favorite line is "Love came to earth and we hid our faces"
    Oh so very true.

    I have loved reading back through the verse written while I was hunkered down in an ice storm. I think my favorite one of all is the simple one in the shape of a heart. I just loved that. The speaking with the hands one speaks volumes, too.

    You are so talented.

  2. Thinking of you all and hope you are well. Thank-you for dropping by and Happy Valentine's Day!


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