Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Evening and Other Things...

Piano notes clunk, plunk ripple and trill
Earth is refurbished with winter-white chill
Kettle is humming and ready for tea
Tomorrow hovers with its mystery

Dinner is over and daytime is too
Dusk drops its cover in frigid gray-blue
Today tucks memories into its fold
Tomorrow never tells what it will hold

Windows are dappled with icy chagrin
Outside the blackness of night settles in
Media repeats latest news-events
Tomorrow’s secrecy never relents

Retrospect ponders, wind wanders dark wood
Bible reminds us that still God is good
Telephone rings, we put dishes away
Tomorrow waits to become our today

© Janet Martin

We were discussing just now how it is good we don’t know what a day will bring…Who knew dawn-semi-calm would result in an all-day blizzard!?

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