Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It Never Grows Old

I was staring through the window, saying to myself as I watch another storm vent itself, ‘This picture is growing old!’ And in the same breath I am spell-bound as a junco battles the gale to land on the snow-drift beneath the feeder…
 No, His wonders never grow old.

It never grows old; His blue-golden-gray
Falling in pictures along living’s way
Author of everything; see how His Hand
Moves through the ages in changeless command
Stunning man’s gaze with the power of His might
Filling our hearts with love-songs of delight

It never grows old; white, scarlet, bronze, slate
Awing spectators of lowly estate
Always spring-green overwhelms white-capped limb
Pictures of wonder and worship in Him
Over and over this canvas of sod
Tugs from its depths darling portraits of God

It never grows old; briefly we embrace
Each vapor vertex of season-spun grace
Ere it slips softly into history’s hold
While a new painting has replaced the old
Drawing our eyes from the crypt of the heart
To nature’s gallery of heaven-art

© Janet Martin

 Look around and praise Him if you are well and fed and clothed enough to enjoy it! What a gift indeed to be ticket-holders to the greatest gallery of all; God’s creation.The past two days were filled with sun-snow SPECTACULARS!

(these are a couple of the 100 or so shots that I've taken in the past few days:)

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