Monday, February 17, 2014

What Are Moments?

 We had a short-sweet we were watching the hockey game; Canada squeaking out an overtime win against Finland!

Moments are soft, silver sighs
Shaped in hellos and good-byes
Soundless symphony or jot
Until echoes tune our thought

Moments are those half-breath spheres
Filled with laughter, smiles and tears
Free-fall from a mystic sea
Ever-present filigree

Moments; tiny cups we fill
With the vaunt of good and ill
Repetition virginal
Its well-spring subliminal

Moments are our trophy-tests
Living’s utter ‘worsts’ and ‘bests’
Moments; tick-tock melody
Preserved in a memory

© Janet Martin

Today is Family Day in Ontario so we spent it part of it with other families and part of it with our family...turning moments into memories...

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