Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ah, Winter Eventide

Ah, winter eventide
How soft and blue you throw
Across the countryside
Your cloak upon the snow
And where the afternoon
Laughed from a sun-swept sky
You spill in solemn swoon
A sleepy lullaby

How tenderly you fold
This day into its cot
Taking noon, bold and gold
And turning it to thought
As skylines disappear
Beneath your navy shawl
You draw across this sphere
A moody madrigal

The scuffs upon your cuff
Are brushed into the air
You sigh, ‘it is enough’
And kiss our weary care
Then like a matron kind
You gather to your breast
That which we leave behind
And tuck this day to rest

© Janet Martin

I was going to tell the guy I baby-sit for that it’s so nice for him to be able to pick up his boys while it is still daylight, but somewhere between supper and after supper it grew dark without my noticing it…6:00 being quite light and shortly after 6:30 it is DARK!

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