Friday, February 28, 2014

This Roller-coaster Rubric

Record highs and record lows
This will be the way of dust
But in spite of ebb and flows
Fear seeks faith; in God we trust

Sequences of rise-and-fall
Roller-coaster rendezvous
Surge-receding madrigal
Hallelujahs rival blues  

Gold and gray perplexing skies
Hearts weep as we hold-let-go
Still we scan our sweep of sighs
Count our blessings, not our woe

Season-rubrics vexes sod
Step by step we test its dust
Clinging to a changeless Rod
As we go; in God we trust

© Janet Martin

This morning the news speaks of record lows in temperatures and record highs coming for gas prices…We look up; in God we trust.
A slow warm-up will not be a bad thing; without it they predict drastic flooding.

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