Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mercy's Door

Above our heads sky-glory spreads
And we can never comprehend
The height and depth and breadth of it
Like God’s great love which has no end

Cradle of moon and stars and sun
Canvas of morning, noon and night
We imitate but cannot paint
The fullness of its dark and light

Above its fathoms hangs a door
From it a loving Savior knocks
Upon our heart; His voice implores
Lest we wait past the tick of clocks

Above our heads His goodness weeps
In grace unmeasured and unbound
Oh, how He longs that we should seek
While grace and pardon may be found

Heaven’s free offering, an ark
Beckoning from Time’s transient shore
Ah, pity he who pounds the dark
After God closes Mercy’s Door

© Janet Martin

Time is like a gracious ark
God's mercy is its door
Heed the invitation 'come'
...soon time will be no more!

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