Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeper of Time's Clock

 Image is a page from Psalms: chapters 138 &139

Ah, Keeper of Time’s sun and sorrow clock
You plan and tend to each, our numbered days
The wise man trusts You, Keeper, as he walks
With prayer-shod feet into Vast Unknown’s haze

We cannot clench within our keep the hour
Vainly we grasp to resurrect its dead
But Thou, oh hand of loving, holy power
Will not forsake us in its mile of dread

Ah, Keeper of Time’s fear and faith-wrought fight
Its filigree falls beyond our control
Yet nothing befalls man beyond Your sight
And with this promise we our fear console

Into Your hands, oh Keeper of Time’s clock
We commit all that we can never know
And as we yield to Thee each step we walk  
We cling to peace that only You bestow

© Janet Martin

As I write this my dad is having by-pass surgery so I am in an attitude of continuous prayer that God will guide the surgeon’s hands…
There are ten kids in my family so we set up a visiting schedule just so we don’t all come at once; yet, I know we are all there with him in prayer!

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