Friday, January 31, 2014

Sometimes Paper...

Sometimes paper
Is the kindest of strangers
Easy to talk to
No judgment, no guile
Patient companion
It never stops listening
Here we can pour our
Our tear and our smile

Sometimes paper
Is thought’s finest option
Sirens of schedule and
Living are loud
Whisper of wishes
And heart-held ambitions
Seems to be drowned in
Life’s everyday crowd

I’ve heard the heartbeat
Of midnight and strangers
Ink-spilled confession
And penned poetry
Sometimes the silence
Of thought-rendered ocean
Helps us relinquish
What never can be

Sometimes paper
Is thought's sacred soulmate
Patient confidant,
Listening long
I've felt the rush
Of  farewell fill its pages
Only to feel you
Back where you belong...

© Janet~

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