Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thus Far

Thus far as moments roll, cajole the sod in season-strain
We sow and tend and reap and rest then do it all again
The pantomime of summertime and autumn-winter-spring
Amalgamates; we contemplate this inhale-exhale Thing
How swift an hour becomes a day; days shape a month, a year
And somewhere not too far away death wields its solemn spear
So we, as moments roll, cajoling sands where seasons spar
Ought to consider now and then, what we have done thus far

From yonder brink, pink turns to gold, then gold to blue or gray
God places in our fumbling hold His gift; another day
But soon it too will don the hue of vapor serenade
A breath-by-breath framed legacy of choices we have made
Ah, we cannot afford to tilt Time’s cup and never taste
This ether draught, so drink it up; one drop we dare not waste
Then stand and stare dispassionate, to midnight’s whimp’ring star
Now is the time to contemplate what we have done thus far

God does not weigh our offerings by what the eye can see
He searches every spirit for love’s best; humility
And rich or poor alike He gives time’s moments to employ
Silver and gold can never buy His hope that brings us joy
Nor can the cash of miser’s stash claim what cannot be bought
We touch a tide we cannot see as action proves our thought
And somewhere One beholds our give and take; Time’s door ajar
Offering grace to human race for what we’ve done thus far

© Janet Martin

I read the words 'thus far' in an article this morning and it jolted a train of thought... 

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  1. Jen, I appreciated your comment and I switched back to the old format. I don't know where our conversation went:) but thank-you.


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