Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If We Believe

If we believe then this life’s moments plead
With passion, purpose, peace and holy fire
The boastings of this world are things of greed
Belief transcends its covetous desire
It lifts our eyes beyond the hills of grief  
As we behold a hope not formed with hand
For sight alone can never understand
The meaning of it all; life’s what and why
Is not revealed in flesh but when we die
Beware then lest some weaker ploy deceive
And we forget the Who which we believe

Ah, who of us can bid the sun to shine,
Or probe the deep to force a drop of rain?
Our every boast is hinged on Love Divine
But if we seek to trust Him we will find
But heaven’s well-spring feeding heart and mind
As faith perceives the veiled with clarity
For then it is enough to simply know
Not by ourselves, but grace of God we go
Futile to weep and wildly shake the fist
At He who sends each morning mercy-kissed

Oh, what is man that God remembers us?
We, who hunger for carnal bread and meat,
Yet it pleased Him to send His Son Jesus
Suff’ring even to death, death to defeat
For earth could not contain His holiness
Nor could hatred impose its sorry seal
Love rose victorious and glorious
Dare we ignore its heavenly appeal?
Will we believe or blindly cling to doubt?
Whoever comes to Him He will receive
And emptiness is filled if we believe

© Janet Martin

So many things spawned this poem…a verse I read yesterday, watching the full movie Ben Hur, realizing how easy it is to fixate on what we see instead of what we know

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