Friday, February 28, 2014


 Watching this mega snow-blower thinking; Dear Summer...

Someday you’ll tumble through wide-open windows
Filling our laughter with sparkle and sun
Spilling your pink petal-mirth on the meadows
Where now a sonnet of snowflake is spun

Someday the highway will wind like a ribbon
…ebony shimmer of dreams to the sky
Come, gentle wind, won’t you hearken our bidding?
Lavish the air with a warm lullaby

Someday the front porch will wear kool-aid kisses
Now it is frozen in winter respite
While we dream of things the summer-heart misses
Lost in an ocean of white over white

Someday we’ll fling back these cold, frozen sashes
Thrill to the trill of your long-waited charms
While reveling in golden warmth as it splashes
Over the windowsill into our arms

© Janet Martin

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