Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fresh February Wishes

Ah, fill my cup with summer’s gold
These lips are numb from drinking cold
And let the blue unmingled be
With naught but sun-diamonds on sea

Then let this winter-land delight
To be shaken from robes of white
I yearn to join the eager child
Splashing through green with wonder wild

Glad, unencumbered, let it be
As river-madrigal runs free
Breathe soft into the sleeping dell
Tickle the ice-encased blue-bell

Ah, transform slope to sterling show  
Sweet sunshine, warm away our woe
And if it’s not too much to ask
Please, put some petals in your flask

Unfold upon the cheerless sky
Lilting of lark and butterfly
Stir within earth’s love-laden womb
Every bud waiting there to bloom

…and fill uplifted cups with gold
Long, long we’ve drunk these draughts of cold
Then end our season-suffering
Let every chalice brim with spring

© Janet Martin

I didn’t get any response from the sky so far; only the wind puffing snow-swirls ‘cross the field, so I pour a cup of ‘fresh’ mint tea with leaves we harvested last summer.

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