Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Morning Medley

The skyline spreads a feast for hungry eyes
Hope’s waking hush brushes soft sleep away
Harsh scream of blue-jay rakes the melting skies
Duty in urgent whispers threads the day
Eager to spill its blend of gray and gold
From lilting moments into memory’s mold

Ethereal circle of morning to night
Begins its daily circuit east to west
Mirthless medley of winter-wizened white
Dons pastel paths of coffee-flavored zest
The hub of Hope and Dream implores and dares
Us to throw off the weight of yester-cares

Temporal touch-down, glory-gilded tears
Laugh-lines of life etched boldly on our brow
Sweet home-spun symphony strums atmospheres
Unfurling golden highways on the snow
We pray the Lord our stumbling feet to keep
Until we close our eyes in that last sleep

© Janet Martin 

Wishing you all kinds of Wonder-full this week! 

Lord, bless this Monday morning
and as we rush to 'do'
Love's duty-splendor-ed service 
Teach us to trust in You.


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!