Friday, February 21, 2014

Staring Through a Window on a February Afternoon

The sky-line falls and rises like the tempo of a tune
Where wind stampedes, an obscure tyrant vexing tattered pine
The valley yearns for sparkle of a sun-warm afternoon
With children running barefoot ‘neath the curling merlot vine

The hillside slopes toward the sallow span of waning day
No laughing lover strolls this winter-stricken solitude
Surreal the fancy of spring’s darling apple-blossom May
Where February walks in gray, a maiden plain, subdued

The blustering battalion of sleet-snow-squall regiment
Is in sore need of furlough; we encourage its retreat
How long will Time insist on emptying its discontent
In fresh volley of vandals shod with ice upon their feet?

The doggerel of daisy day-dreams dangles daringly
Beyond the frosted window-pane against the snarling air
Are silver sun-swept seashores but fine fairy frippery?
I’ve heard spring-peepers serenade the dusk, but where, oh where?

The skyline falls and rises; what a moody madrigal
But I am not a damsel in distress nor prone to fret
The horse and rider in the sky is preordained to fall
Thus I know that its steel facade will spill its violets yet

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi Janet,

    I have been by lately, so I'm catching up on your beautiful poetry and wonderful photos.

    I noticed that my post today didn't come up in your sidebar. Someone else mentioned they were having trouble with mine too. Mmm...wonderful with blogger is up to with that.

  2. I've noticed blogger is really slow or sometimes misses posts entirely.
    I know for my own posts they sometimes don't show up on my dashboard until hours later.

    Thank-you for dropping by. Hope all is well.


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