Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lonesome-ly Glad

There’s something ‘bout a house at night
Wrapped timber-dark in deeper hue
Of sequin-light and boreal-blue
It makes me feel all lonesome-like
And where the dearest place on earth
Snuggles within night’s mute embrace
A tiny love-tear warms my face
To think upon life’s moil and mirth
And how its little care is borne
On living’s highway; how at night
We crave the humble-sweet delight
Of furniture, love-scarred and worn
And tea-kettle placed o’er a flame
Small hand slipping soft into mine
As Duty eases its design
Letting plush hush employ its claim
And how we crave the lamp-lit room
The chair, the book, the cup of tea
The comfort of you next to me
While overhead unfurls the plume
Of brooding mantle, midnight-mad
Gilded silverly by moonlight
There’s something ‘bout a house at night
That makes me feel lonesome-ly glad

© Janet Martin

Have you felt it while driving home at night and seeing other houses with their lights on...that lonesomely glad feeling?!


  1. Yes! That's exactly the right way to describe it!

  2. I've read a few dozen of your poems today and am amazed at your vast vocabulary. I only wish I could explain myself in such a way. I enjoyed this poem because I was never popular and enjoy the solitude and peacefulness. Oh, I've been to parties, but parties are not my first choice. Your poems are light, bright and uplifting. I've had trouble being positive lately- though I know God is with me. I wish you continued success with your poetry. I've always admired your writing skills. Have a great year!


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