Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunrise or Sunset?

We are studying transition words in our writer’s group. Our assignment is to write a short opinion essay (no more than 400 words) on a topic from a list of suggestions or from a question we choose. I selected from the list this question; which is more beautiful, sunrise or sunset?


or, sunset?

Sunsets have drawn me to my knees
then silenced inept, stuttering syllables,
attempting to spill salutation in praise.
Also, sunsets have stolen my breath;
splendor-cuffing my soul to the air where nothing tangible is
yet HE IS transcends all.
Furthermore, sunsets have reminded me,
in spite of man’s stumbles and fumbles,
still God renders His glory
in glimpses
to sojourners of sin-cursed sod.

something about a sun-rise stirs in me
an even greater sense of awe.
Sunsets signify ending
while sunrises proclaim beginning.
Our track-record of centuries
is proof of proneness to folly,
but God who is rich in mercy
rends the dark with Light,
choosing shades beyond our comprehension.
Indeed, He delights
to remind us who He is
on a canvas only the blind can ignore.
In fact, He has promised
His compassions are new every morning
so as I gaze at a sunrise, unlike a sunset,
I marvel that He has seen fit
to bless errant mankind
with another day of grace.
Clearly, we are undeserving,
yet He colors the skies for the just and the unjust,
(just) as he makes rain to fall on the good and evil,
for this is not judgment day
but the day of grace.
On the other hand, a day is coming
when we will have witnessed our final sunrise.
Indeed, it is imminent
for every life is as grass and does not stand long
but withers and dies.
Therefore we ought to give earnest heed
to the things which we have heard.
Also, if we have not done so
we must
make our calling and election sure
because the same hand that gilds the morning sky
is a consuming fire.
Nevertheless, He has provided
through Christ’s shed blood on Calvary,
Hope and redemption
for one and all
and though there is none righteous,
no, not one,
also no one is exempt from His forgiveness and grace.
Moreover, each morning as the sun rises
He affirms that He is not ready to close the door
to His ark of safety forevermore
so,  thus I am awed even more deeply at a sunrise;
not because of its colors
but because God extends His grace
for another day.

© Janet Martin

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