Monday, February 10, 2014

Garden Dreams...

 Those sweet dreams are beginning to nudge...but there's a lot of thawing that needs to happen first!

The garden dreams like me, I know
Tucked deeply ‘neath its quilt of snow
Waiting to feel the touch of skin
Against its brawny beckoning

Our daydreams resonate with hope
As late-day lingers on south-slope
Last year’s frustration long forgot
Where perfection designs its plot

How lush and plush this new crop grows
It pines for prance of flip-flop feet
And wind-song slow in summer’s heat

Across the field, frozen dusk gleams
A foreigner to daisy-dreams
And yet I think that winter knows
Beneath its quilt a garden grows

© Janet Martin

I drove past this fields yesterday's white but not with daisies.


  1. Hard to believe under all that snow waits green grass and flowers! I think another "quilt" is heading my way this week! No flip flop feet here anytime soon!

  2. oh, I know! no snow here in the forecast but no thaw either.


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