Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blue and Brusque

 I'm cooking supper and watching dusk steal ever bluer across the day...gone the glistening sweep of dawn

Brusque breeze intensifies the blue
Begging to brush this day from view
I watch, reluctant to release
This ‘little bit ‘o heaven’ piece
But Time has no regard for hearts
And treats as equal all her parts

She tugs the child from daddy’s knee
And tosses wild and merrily
A mother’s love; hold and let go
Like evening steals across the snow
She reaches with subtle blue kiss
Tucking to naught, this thing that is

A pessimist dies every day
I could not bear to live that way
So I will suffer her romance
Reach for her arms each dawn and dance
Before she winks, coaxing the dusk
To stir its breezes, blue and brusque

© Janet Martin

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