Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Glad for Prayer

…praying for my Dad again this morning. The DR. prefers we visit him when he returns home. He is still in ICU but they hope to move him soon.

I’m glad for prayer
That mystic stair
Where word of thought
Reaches God’s throne
Then as we plead
He fills our need
And whispers,
We are not alone

I hope somewhere
In someone’s prayer
As they make hopes
And wishes known
Perhaps, kindly
They’ll think of me
And lay my name
Before His throne

© Janet Martin

Let’s face it; we all need it! Prayer.


  1. Saying that heart prayer right now for you and your dad.


  2. Sending one from the ♥ to the throne...for you, Janet.

    This is a beautiful piece and catches one off guard...there's only one way to send prayer and that's up so it's so appropriate that that is the only way one can read this.

    ♥ I hope your father recovers quickly.

  3. p.s. sent one up for you gals too. though I don't know the details of your life, God does!

  4. May your need be met Janet.

    Glad to hear that your dad will be moved from ICU soon.

  5. Thank-you TUG. They are hoping to today, (Sunday).
    They want his lungs to function a little better so they can remove the oxygen. He is not suffering pain. We are so thankful for that!


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