Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Talk About Love #4 Perfect Storm

When I’m with you the might of moment stills
And we are not victims of its cold clock
Rebels are we to its relentless tock
A storm is brewing past these charted hills

Tremor of urgency excites the pine
What is its fantasy? even the breeze
That thrives upon the vexing of the trees
Pauses beyond this midnight-mute incline

Darkness is but a nocturnal disguise
Where longing escalates; visceral flame
Of guiltless passion and want without shame
Smolders virile, like comets in our eyes

And now the wind leaps from its hiding-place
Moaning madrigal of Need’s grand despair
The rise and fall of oceans fills the air
Or is it just your voice against my face?

Tear down the clouds that vex the moody deep
Leave prouder cares to daylight's disarray
Then let this raving craving have its way
Darling, this storm is much too wild to sleep

The trespassers of love’s most sacred part
Will never touch their feet upon this shore
Where breakers crash; euphoric eons pour
In heaven-measure through body and heart

Ah, perfect storm of love’s intrinsic bliss
When I’m with you I cannot count the years
Lest while I’m counting this storm disappears
…Is that a lightning bolt or just a kiss?

© Janet Martin

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