Friday, February 14, 2014

Mr. If

 North Carolina snow  

To all our American friends...hang in there and be careful!

We are good at making
Appointments and such
But ‘if’ stands somewhere
Between thought and touch

Sometimes we forget
As we plan what to do
We should make lots of room
For Mr. If too

Plan; yes, we must
But we should keep in mind
Mr. If is never
Very far behind

© Janet Martin

Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." James 4:15   

Jim just called...he will be home by tomorrow morning IF all goes well. He had a SNOWY drive to New Jersey and more snow is coming...He said that the amount of snow he has seen is unbelievable!


  1. Thinking about you. Hope you have a safe and happy weekend.
    Thank you for your blog, Janet. Everything you write moves me. And the photos you take are unbelievable (including the ones of the messy rooms, he-he.) I also love the movie stills you often use in your posts. Your Porch is my favorite spot on the Internet.

  2. Oh I hope so!! Wow, that is unreal the way they have been hit there...

  3. Lucy, Jim said it is almost like nothing he has ever seen...and we think we've been hammered;)

    Sasha, thank-you. Do you know what? I just smiled and thought about you 10 min. ago as I was dusting and picked up your little autumn poem card:) Your words are super-encouraging and kind, always!

    ...and it is fun to learn more about your home-country as we watch the Olympics. It is beautiful!!

    Love you and God bless.

    ...working super-speed at tidying while 'lil guy' I baby-sit sleeps..


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