Thursday, February 20, 2014

Writer to Her Muse

How can I forget you?
Ah love, each time I try
You vex me just beyond my reach
A phantom butterfly

How casually you slip
Twixt touch and guarded thought
Compelling me with luring lines
To revel in your jot you and I thus dance
A sensual, soulful trip
As resistance and hunger jive
Twixt thought and finger-tip

...and if I beg you go
I feel like I might die
Yet if you stay I’ll ever chase
You; phantom butter-fly

Then you and I must find
A way to synchronize
You, half-rebelicious, kind
And me, your eager prize

I cannot forget you
Darling finagling rue
To chastise you within a poem
Is all that I can do

© Janet~

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