Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God's Autograph

I popped through a little hedge and thought I fell into heaven!...
...until I came to this;( There won't be No trespassing' signs in Heaven;)

This little lens cannot fully descry
The awesome surfeit of God’s ‘let there be’
His masterpieces filling sod and sky
Amazes our gaze with majesty
We crawl and reach and lean, lie down and laugh
Trying to capture heaven’s autograph

Ah, what is man that God should awe him thus
Again, again He stuns our meager glance
Four seasons worth of wonder drench His brush
No, this is not serendipitous chance
God lets us glimpse the glory of a place
Waiting for all who are saved by His grace

This circle-scope of hello and good-bye
Makes bearable the suffering of sod
As elements of nature testify
In boldest declaration; this is God
We crawl and reach and lean, lie down and laugh
A lens cannot contain God’s autograph

© Janet Martin

…but oh, the bliss of trying to capture fringes of His signature! Is there anything better?! No.

The way these shadows fell across the gully seemed like they wrote, Yours truly, God.

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