Friday, February 28, 2014

Blue-collar Heroes

 Hydro One Repairs - Ice Storm

Blue-collar brave-hearts
They’ve got no medals
No badges on their
Coat-sleeves or lapels
Working class warrior
Seeking no glory
Fighting life’s battle
And doing it well
Obscure battalion
Work-force deployment
Wielding their armor
Of steering-wheel, cart
Low-dollar hero
Invisible valor
Witnessed by One
As they give from the heart
Courageous convoy
Gallant and glorious
Punching the clock
While nobody applauds
Silently sacrificing
Over and over
Second-mile soldiers because
This is love
Blue-collar brave-hearts
They’ve got no medals
No black-tie gala
Or work-hand trophy
Working class heroes
 The pulse of a nation
Fighting the battles
Of life faithfully

© Janet Martin

This is a modified re-post going out esp. for those on our winter highways and streets; patrols, truck-drivers, bus-drivers, crossing-guards, post and parcel delivery,snow-removal crews,hydro-workers and everyone trying to get to work on time!

Hang in there and Thank-you to our invisible heroes!


  1. The Pulse of a Nation? Janet - I love this. I am going to share the link on my wall. Another brilliant piece.

  2. Thank-you:) I was torn between the word pulse and 'bed-rock of nations' but pulse felt more human. Thank-you for the affirmation...and keep warm!

  3. A wonderful one, and I could not agree more with the heart of it. When we had our most recent outage in the middle of an ice storm, I thought and prayed for those tired souls out there trying their very best to fix it. I love this.

  4. ...and its these trying times that really draw a community together and we notice who we take for granted! We have had quite a winter in North America!

    Thank-you for your visit:)


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