Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Little Tree...


 ...the trees have been tested this year with everything winter could throw at it and our 24 hr. mild spell (a degree or two above freezing) is plunging today and for the coming week so no pretty green dress-buds in sight yet...
This morning...

Dear little tree
How long you’ve borne the thrust of winter’s will
How long you’ve worn its garb of white
And suffered its blue chill

Dear little tree,
You stand knee-deep in nature’s cloak resigned
You do not shake your limbs at God
But wait for zephyrs kind

Dear little tree,
You seem to know it is no use to rant
How futile to rebel to snow
And sundry season-chant

Dear little tree,
You’ve suffered long and yet methinks I hear
Within your stilly wood a song
Of springtime drawing near

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Please let spring be near!!
    Someone told me yesterday that the grass could really be suffering this spring due to the ice ...:((
    have a good day!

  2. btw I came back to say yes, we can learn so much from observing nature...ready to roll..(quilt:)

  3. we can learn most anything from nature, for sure...and don't worry. the grass will be lovely and green for June 14, right;)? Enjoy the calm before the full-wedding-prep storm!

  4. Janet, the pics are beautiful. Have you noticed the angel in the third pic (12-22-2013) ?

  5. TUG, you have such a keen eye! Not until you asked me to look...that is really nice!


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