Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kindred Souls

To touch you in this way,
To feel you there…somewhere
Beyond my window-pane, we meet
And scale hope’s common stair

The passion of a poem
Is like no other rush
Save for the artist as he spills
Thought-oceans from his brush

There are no walls out here
Let blood and ink collide
We stroll the star-strung atmosphere
And trace its turbid tide

For we are kindred souls
As heart to heart we’re held
Within the motion of a poem
Where ink and music meld

© Janet Martin


  1. Yep! :-)

    Hope your dad is on the mend and you and family are in rest.

  2. TUG, thank-you. Dad came home yesterday and is doing a little better every day. He needs to be very careful for the first 6 weeks!

    I appreciate your thoughts and hope you and yours are well in what has been a very long winter here in Canada!


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