Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time's Silent Storm

Good-bye Shirley...this(Curly Top) was the first movie my kids and I saw starring Shirley Temple and we all fell in love with her on the spot!

Over the skyline
Without pause or form
A new breaker surges
In Time’s silent storm

Limping or dancing
Falling, flying free
We are the patrons
Of its melody

Dawning to dawning
Its virgin appeal
Spills from an ocean
Silent and surreal

Brief blue-gray billow
Breath-by-half-breath borne
Morning to evening
To midnight to morn

Until its last ripple
Recedes from earth’s shore
And Time’s tireless tiralee
Is no more

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh how glad I am that I stopped by blogville this morning. I have been so saddened by the loss of such a favorite as Shirley Temple. I've been singing that very song in my head, too. The poem you wrote is just beautiful. I know I already said this, but I really enjoy this blog.

  2. It is a sad day but the way of life...we have much to remember her by...I had to chuckle the other week when TCM was playing the movie Bright Eyes and my 15 yr. old son watched it with me remarking 'when he was a kid he didn't realize just how good Shirley is'!

    Thank-you for you visit:)

  3. "Time's tireless tiralee"...beautiful wording! I read she passed too...such a talented and iconic figure.

  4. yes, there will never be another quite like her!

  5. Beautiful poem ... I was touched by your words! Shirley was my childhood idol, I wathed her films and collected photos - she did brings sunshine and joy around her!

  6. Thank-you Nina and her sunshine will remain in every film and memory!

    Rest in Peace, Shirley Temple

  7. Great poem...when we heard it on the news this morning I wondered what you would write:)

  8. When I began writing this it wasn't really with her in mind yet it was her death that sparked a train of thought...how Time is this silent storm, invisible but taking in its sweep little girls and turning them into mature women, then older women and if we are blessed, old.

  9. yes btw I thought I heard she quit acting at 21 then went into politics...did you hear that?

  10. i think that is correct...for the UN, maybe? not sure.


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