Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Talk About #2

Love is a whisper-soft wonder
Yet, I cannot pull from this quill
The words to render the splendor
Of  its tender-sweet test of will

For love is a ruthless scalpel
Oh, how it mutates the heart
Ever since Eve took the apple
We struggle and stumble and smart

Love is a song, smooth and taunting
Or is it a searing slow-burn?
For we must release our own wanting
To find its greatest return

Ah love, sustain-er, tormenter
Vexing both beggar and king
Pleasure and pain’s epicenter
Strength on a half-breath string

Love is a grace-spangled flying
Love is a second-mile crawl
Love is a daily dying
To touch its pinnacle

Love is a heaven-lent splendor
Double-edged; sword and shield
How can a pen spell the wonder
In four humble letters concealed?

© Janet Martin

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