Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Wander-land...

Somewhere beyond this corridor of white
Where dusk breathes blush-soft rose upon the snow
I fancy pastures where pink clover blows
Imbibing vesper-song with sheer delight

The meadow, now a white-capped still-life sea
Will flaunt the cloth of summer’s emerald gown
I strain but all I see is winter’s crown
Where waves of rippling green taunt reverie

The rolling sweep as indigo and gold
Touch on horizon-lines of rippling heat
Mocks in brooding wind-song pinching cheeks
Moaning in tree tops stark against the cold

We scuffle through the muffled overlay
Of yester-storm while caught up in a dream
Of sun-swept shore and summer-dusk ice-cream
Its supper-time; blue daylight slips away

© Janet Martin

That's sort of the way it was today...staying light a little longer but still growing dark at supper-time.

We had some fun in the winter sun today but we're going to need a lot of warmer sun before anything close to clover-fields appear!


  1. Lovely...blush-soft clover...the white-capped still-life sea...the rippling green...wind-song pinching cheeks...summer-dusk ice cream...lovely imagery and moments of seasons captured wonderfully Janet!

    It started snowing last night and has been off and on since then, so we've got a few inches! Thanks for sending some of your snow our way--maybe you'll get some of our green!

  2. Sounds like a deal! Enjoy the white:)


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