Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Saturday

It wakes us
In snuggling whispers
To softly say,
‘Don’t rush up yet,
…no need to hurry,
It Saturday’

While nudging to-do’s
Begin nagging
She smiles
And reminds us
It’s Saturday
Relax for a while

And we ease up
On the bustle of
Routine ranting pace
Because it’s Saturday
Laughing nugget of
Week-end grace

Of second-cup coffees
And pausing
To feel
The pleasure of moments
Dripping from
Time’s reel

Before the demands
Of another week
Yanks us from sleep
For now
It’s Saturday
‘Fuzzy slippers,
Girl curled next to me’,
Let’s make some muffins’ morning
And memories to keep

© Janet Martin

Enjoying an argument with her brother while he makes pancakes...I think they are on argument #3 since this pic;) good times!

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