Friday, March 28, 2014

Of What I've Known...

I have known the taste of you in my mouth
The hurt of you in my heart
The weight of you in my want
And the touch of you in my tear

I have known the sweet of you in my smile
The stone of you in my shoe
The warmth of you in my arms
The blood of you on my knees

I have known the joy of your jargon
The lilt of your laughter
The groan of your grief
And the pulse of pure pain

The pleasure of your treasure
Is worth every measure
Of second mile crawling
And drinking your gall

Yes, I’ve known the taste of you in my mouth
Your hurt in my heart
And your touch in my tear
And I’ve known the pleasure of
Falling upward
For I’ve known the beauty
Of Love, my dear

© Janet Martin

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