Thursday, March 27, 2014

Waiting for Pass (re-vamped re-post)

Ah, winsome willow of July
Where once we laid upon the grass
To listen to your tendrils sigh
Are naked now with claws of brass
In mellow August breeze you swayed
Your arches warmed with golden glee
And oft you lured us to its shade
To bask within your melody
But now your branches ache and groan
Stripped of the song you once had known

Ah, chit-chatter of winding creek
Where our bare feet browsed and splashed
Is silent; laughter waits beneath
Your sleek and polished marble path
Earth's world is petrified and still
Crystal-coated in stilly shroud
Though each breath argues with its will
Winter replies in frosty cloud
The only marring of its dark
Are footsteps creaking through the park

Where is the kiss of summer’s sun?
Where is the bliss of buoyant breeze?
They wait somewhere with bridled tongue
Biding their time before they tease
This blustered candor from the lips
Stone-cold in winter’s pantomime
And soon they’ll melt those fingertips
Clutching the earth in frozen time
Ah winter too, comes but to pass
Jack Frost embellishes his glass

Janet Martin~

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