Friday, March 21, 2014

Dance Card

Today I want to touch with gentle hands
Life's music written where I cannot see
The composition of a sweet, slow dance
Unraveling in moment-melody

The names and faces on this card are blurred
With ease Time’s Unknown glides across the air
Like midnight, often far more felt than heard
I sense her whispers running through my hair

Love’s live-laugh-loving lilt, its hold-let-go,
Its intermingling of gritty and grand
Of whirling, twirling wonderment and woe
Oh, let me trace each line with gentle hand

Hope places purpose in each daring step
Where faith and fear approach to take my arm
And often I am torn between the grip
Of precious peace and breath-stealing alarm

But oh, today I want to touch Time’s curve
With gentle hand, enjoy its offering
For this slow dance is more than I deserve
And darling, I don’t want to miss a thing

© Janet Martin

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