Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Of True Blue

It was too cold to be without mittens but I took a quick clip of March 25, 2014...lest we forget! I can't capture the temps but they are FREEZING! This morning with wind-chill feels like minus 21 but on the bright side, we are looking at above freezing temps for the next full week, after tomorrow. In spite of the cold the evening was a gorgeous gift from God!

And did you feel it too?
That busying of blue
Like sleepy child by mother kissed
Dear dying day could not resist
Heaven-caress of blue on blue
And tell me, did you feel it too?

And did it tug within
To see the paling grin
Of yet, another chapter writ
Ere dusk consumes the breadth of it
Like paper puppets on a string
Pray tell, oh, did it tug within?

Or did it kiss your cheek,
In farewell, hard to speak
Clandestine glimmer of good-bye
Silvering shimmer in the eye
As suave strength of day grew weak
Tell me, oh, did it kiss your cheek?

…and did you feel it too?
Transit of old to new
…of tide astride a bullish breeze
Where twilight binds to centuries
Borrowed breath-beauty of true blue
Ah tell me, did you feel it too?

© Janet Martin


  1. I felt it-your poem makes me gasp!
    Beautifully done~

    The last stanza-is perfect!

    How are you?

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the one with the beam of light behind the hill and have noted these on occasion.

  3. Hi Ella, good to see you:) Thank-you for popping by my porch and for your always sweet words! We are well. You...better?

  4. Hi Pamela, I like that photo the time I slipped on my mittens for a bit before another shot it was gone!


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