Thursday, March 6, 2014

All, But This

 This snowy winter is allowing for new 'firsts', like cross-country skiing after supper beneath sunset skies! Skiing is a great time to meditate...

 Ah, Thou art He who spoke into existence land and sea
And everything therein; above, beneath, the night and day
Fair, fragile frond, reed-studded pond and mountain majesty
Soft silver snowflake sparkle, dusk, as daylight fades away

Your Hand touches Time’s treadle; moments course in seamless tide
As seasons spill their petals; moon, sun, stars Thy edict heed
Our thought cannot in full traverse this sod to sky divide  
But wonders at the One who every law of it decreed

Oh, Thou art He who watches from a high and holy place
Yet not with shouted threats of doom for our inherent sin
Your love and mercy pours unbounded in each day of grace
And whispers to us tenderly from soul-space deep within

For Thou art He who gave Himself, sin’s sacrifice and died
So man may live; you came to earth Your every law to prove
Then as redemption poured in red its need was satisfied
In You, who spoke to being All but this; a Father’s Love

© Janet Martin


  1. Sing it, Loretta!

    Loved this, Janet. And you thought of this as you skied? Gotta' love inspiration.

  2. You can do a lot of thinking this year while skiing...fences are snowed over and one can go for literally miles!I love it. Its like Rideau Canal in our backyard!


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