Monday, March 10, 2014

Ah, Retrospect...

 Victoria and her cousin Jasmine; then 2, now 13...

Ah retrospect, Thou thing of thought which wanders silently
The streets where once we dashed and stirred its dust with eager feet
Immutable mosaic only you and I can see
Your company of memories a swan-song bittersweet

Ah retrospect, we cannot build upon imagery
And yet, life’s taste-touch echoes line your walls of painted air
We smile and weep as we behold Time’s mute menagerie
For mind’s eye cannot blind itself to thought-art hanging there

…the winter we were seventeen, the summer that we saw
While our arms were loaded with first-fruits of middle-age
Mortality revealed; for Time will never bend its law
And suddenly we tread with awe its swift four-season stage

The coursing of a tide beyond our reach trembles within
Ah retrospect, we cannot stay too long to revel where
The Now we hold soon passes through its microscopic lens
To furnish one more picture frame we hang upon the air

© Janet Martin  

A Song for my nostalgic mood;)



  1. The best picture ever...
    thank you for sharing..
    ah a simpler time...but this too is what makes it sweet.

  2. It IS the best pic ever. I tried cropping Jassy's face because her expression is simply priceless, but those old films get too blurry.

    Yes, sweet times but we are still in those sweet times, right? The house isn't quiet yet.


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