Monday, March 10, 2014

No Repeat...

When you have gone so far from me
to line thought's mystic street
I cannot draw you from that lea
nor ever hit 'repeat'

To love you here and now, my dear
Is all I can hold fast
For none can taste tomorrow's cheer
or drink again the past

There is no 'replay' or 'repeat'
Time offers no return
Today, ever a virgin sheet
of life-lessons to learn

Forbid that I should ever yearn
Beyond this thing I hold
We live within Time's no-return
Of mercy's moment-gold

Janet Martin

I cannot tell you how often I hit 'replay' on a song I love...
...once in a while I'll 're-post' a blog-post, we can repeat words,
but we can never re-do,
a single day!

Make it a good 'never-again'!

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