Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Invitation Card

Blush ribbon teases the dividing line twixt night and dawn
Before the sky is wide awake and all its slumber gone
Life’s daily grind both cruel and kind spills time beneath our feet
For we are creatures born to suffer for our bread and meat

That far-off land of monuments where all our memories dwell
Will soon claim what we shape today within its silver swell
But now, before the quietude of midnight fills this span
We have an invitation to do all the good we can

The circuit of the sun is swift and does not linger long
Before we hear the farewell notes of wafting vesper-song
And time is short; its rubric of brief three-score year and ten
Is not a guarantee; and passes like the formless wind

The past is bottomless and always hungry, so it seems
It brushes boyhood from a lad within its moment-streams
And what may seem a trifling portion in its tick-tock pantomime
Accumulates its day-by-day to render a lifetime

A Gracious Hand of beckoning flings wide hope’s gleaming gates
Discourse of daily reckoning begins; dawn dissipates
Where we behold God’s invitation gladdening Time’s sky
And how we use His offering is up to you and I

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you for sharing such a gracefully worded reminder of God's daily invitation. (And what a perfect photo to accompany!)

  2. Hi Cyndy,
    Thank-you. His 'invitation cards' are so stunning!

  3. Janet,
    This is beautiful.
    Just what I needed after a very long day.
    Love the photo.

    I am so glad you are following me now, Yay!


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