Monday, March 10, 2014

While Driving to Drayton in our Old Green Truck...

 An hour ago I drove my son  Matt to Drayton to begin driver's training (he turns 16 in 2 mos.)...and we laughed as I craned my neck to see over the dashboard and steering wheel. (Someone had removed my cushion-hoist;) and I muttered some terms of endearment to this green, gas-guzzling beast and then we laughed...

We laughed
He and I,
And every dream that
I let die
For the sake of love
Was resurrected
And perfected

We laughed,
And worry's weight of wondering
Fell away
In the glorious sparkle
Of audible smiles
On a gray
March day

We laughed,
By music of living
And in that moment
I wanted for nothing
As I held
It’s best…

© Janet Martin

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