Saturday, March 29, 2014

Of Touching Unknowns

 Optimism dives prayer-first into another day
Dawn unveils the virgin trail of gifted gold or gray
And the Lord invites us with His utmost love and care
To take a flying leap into Unknown, for He is there
We cannot trace with touch the outline of His form or face
But in our heart of hearts we feel His tender touch of grace
Thus, buoyed by His mercy and the Bulwark of His Word
We step into The Unknown where no one has been before

The laugh-lines of the past are nothing now but remembrance
The sorrow of the future cannot weight our present-tense
So, step by trusting step into a new day we embark
For our God of Light is greater than the darkest dark

The sun stood still o’er Gibeon, the moon in Ajalon
This self-same God of Joshua still bids us journey on
For if this God is for us we can do what must be done
Thus bolstered by His faithfulness we touch time’s great Unknown

Optimism dives prayer-first into another day
The Lord God goes before us into come-what-ever-may

© Janet Martin

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