Friday, March 14, 2014

Beneath Winter Sky-dome

 Captured a few fresh shots of God-art tonight...enjoy! For a close-up look right click and press view image. Skiing across the field suddenly struck me with a surreal feeling of standing on a frozen sea of time...the storm yesterday whipped up some awesome snow-scapes!

There are no stragglers here
And time is far away  
Earth’s white capped sea is mute beneath
Dusk’s golden overlay

No children on this beach
No lulling ebb and flow
But here and there a masterpiece
Is laid upon the snow

A half-moon over there
A sunset over here
And on one face a tiny trace
Of little bitty tear

For every season ends
Taking in turn, its art
So she must find a way to bind
Its pictures in her heart

Beneath winter sky-dome
On twilight’s snow-swept hush
Twixt half-moon-rise and sunset skies
The Painter dips His brush

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and your poem. So often we miss God's gifts of art to us because we are rushing so fast through life. Thanks for helping me slow down this morning to enjoy the beauty :)

  2. Thank-you Ruth and Marcia. I have to admit I am highly excited for some spring-art!


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