Friday, March 28, 2014

I am a Country-dweller

I am a country-dweller
Child of her wide-open fell
Raised on wind-song in the willow
Nurtured by garden and dell

Home is a country-side cottage
Hedged by her laughter of trees
Lavished with dusk-violet vesper
Kissed by a lilac breeze

Time is a four-season fellow
Barren to blossom to green
Ere scarlet-bronze-russet-yellow
Starts it all over again

I am a country-dweller
Meadow-lands rush to the sky
Foreign to soaring sky-scrapers
Save for the shadows that lie…

…blue on the burnished fallow
Before darkness lowers its vest
Over the swoop of barn-swallow
Feeding the young in her nest

I am a country-dweller
Dawn is a door to its berth
Where nature’s orchestra trembles
Strumming the harp-chords of earth

© Janet Martin  

The country-dwellers in this neck of the woods are so happy to hear rain-song in place of snow-storm today!


  1. Beautiful poem. It's supposed to rain here but it's snowing at the moment. We could use a bit of rain to melt the snow down though.

  2. Our son-in-law is a Nova-Scotian. his mom has pics on FB of the wild hurricane/slash snow-storm the other day! Let's hope for gentle thaw, but thaw please!
    My friend has a sister moving to New Brunswick coast this summer!


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