Monday, March 31, 2014

Come, Dear Child and Let Me Tell You

 Part I

Come, dear child and let me tell you
As we stroll across the day
About One who made the morning
And the night that fades away
How He spoke into the blackness
Commanding, ‘let there be Light’
And how Time from that day forward
Became morning, noon and night

Come, dear child, the whole world surges
With the beauty God has made
See the dappled sun and shadow
Where the willow spreads its shade
See the grass, the tree, the song-bird
As it flits from limb to limb
Butterfly and lovely flower
All designed and shaped by Him

See the fish that fill the ocean
And the puddles after rain
Cow and sheep out in the meadow
Sweeping fields of corn and grain
Come dear, child and look around you
Every stem that sprouts from sod
Is a glimpse of the Creator
For it is the work of God

Part II

Come dear child and let me show you
The most wondrous thing of all
See this picture of a cross
Covered in red where blood-drops fall
See the One who hangs there dying
Nails pierced though precious Jesus
High above the earth His crying
Pleads that God would forgive us

Jesus loves the little children
And He longs for you to know
How He made the earth and heavens
Oh, so very long ago
And the One who made the flowers
Every bird and every tree
Is the God whose own Son, Jesus
Died for us on Calvary

Come dear child and let me tell you
As we stroll across the day
How the precious blood of Jesus
Washes all our guilt away
Yes, He made winter and summer
Everything in spring and fall
But dear child, then God made people
And He loves us best of all

© Janet Martin

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