Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ah, Spring Begins

Ah, spring begins,
That thing of grins
And dappled sun
On mead and brook

Ah, spring begins
And winter’s sins
Melt into bygones

Ah, spring at last
Flee, icy blast
For you have worn
Your welcome thin

A train of blooms
Wakes in the tombs
Where summer’s garden
Must begin

Ah, darling spring
We dance and sing
To know that soon
The storm is spent

…and tender green
Will spill its sheen
Where now the limb
Is winter-bent

Ah, spring is here
Earth’s belvedere
Awaits the touch
Of nature’s lilt

Where soft and warm
Her gentle charm
Will melt the threads
Of winter’s quilt

© Janet Martin

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