Monday, March 17, 2014

The Verge of Something New...

 These 'angel-clouds' caught my eye this morning!

Out past this sweep of what has been
Of morning, noon and night
The verge of something new begins
In wisps of pink and white

…and though we pour our coffee
Just like many mornings cast
And though we know with our eyes closed
That yesterday is past
And though time’s sequence is the same
Since that first day began
And everything that it may claim
Is common unto man
Of need and greed; sickness and health
Of Ageless Truth and lies
Of double-minded fickleness
And silence of the wise
Of scattered seeds and harvest-time
Of humbleness and pride
Of life’s four-season paradigm
And want unsatisfied
Of crumbs beneath the table
Where the wealthy break their bread
Of doing what we’re able
Ere the evening sky is red
And knowing morning, noon and night
Like waves from heaven’s sea
Must gratify the appetite
Of what is yet to be

And though the morning breaks each morn
Across earth’s slumb’ring shore
The verge of something new is born
...Today; like none before

© Janet Martin


  1. This poem speaks to my heart this afternoon.


  2. Over at Brenda's It A Beautiful Life blog she reminded us to open our eyes to see those things we see every day with new eyes...the sun was coming up just then and it sparked something...

    Thank-you for your words of appreciation.


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