Monday, March 3, 2014

A Beautiful Feeling


I can’t explain it
Beautiful feeling
Reeling from somewhere
That I cannot tell
Laughter and sorrow
And bittersweet
Over the rampart of
Pulsing farewell
Hope and fulfillment
and longing unfathomed
streaming in
from here to there
draining an ocean
without sound or motion
filling the silence
with echo-drenched air
where uncurled fingers
touch traces that linger
only in thought
as the years disappear
and I can’t explain it
the beautiful feeling
of having and holding
wrapped up
in a

© Janet Martin

...just got a crazy, beautiful feeling as I listened to this song... but cannot quite capture it in verse; this is sorta what I could shape it into...sort of the same feeling I had when hubby teased Emily (our daughter) yesterday at church and said, 'I remember you. You used to live at our place...'

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