Saturday, March 8, 2014

Burnt Birthday Cake Kind of Day

It was a burnt birthday cake kind of day
…the kind I am ready to hurry away
Good night and farewell, my dear bittersweet
But then again oh, let me hit repeat
For you slip away to that long once had been
And tomorrow our ‘baby’ turns thirteen

© Janet Martin

Quick post…
I may ‘complete’ this poem…or not. With the time-change it’s past midnight and my one-step-forward-two-steps-back day is nearly done.

Victoria looked at her cake tonight and said…not m-m-m-, but h-m-m-m. We both laughed and I agreed that it’s definitely a h-m-m-m’ cake.

Don't forget to spring forward;) G'night.

Pics later maybe…  


  1. I relate to ALL of this..:))
    Happy Birthday Victoria...God bless your teenage years beyond the burnt birthday cakes!

  2. Thank-you...this is Sunday night after taking the cake to Grandma's and they all thought it was yummy so it was worth everything.


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